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We are looking for co-workers to join the ministry of NEWAY. To take care of Syrian refugees and prepare for the construction of new cities for them, we need partners who can help in many fields, including construction, education, IT, medical care, politics, administration, agriculture, and finance.

If you would like to participate in the NEWAY ministry, please send a message to the contact information above.


Because missions is a ministry in which battles are fiercely fought on the spiritual front, it needs the prayers of many intercessors. No matter how hard the New Way preaches the gospel, if he is pushed back in the spiritual battle, it will be difficult for him to win that battle.


It would not be possible without financial help for NEWAY to sow the seeds of the gospel around the world. A co-worker's financial support soon becomes a wind that makes the seeds of the gospel fly far away.


We need people who will put on beautiful and wonderful clothes for the gospel. Skills related to video and images are required to produce gospel contents in line with the digital age. We are looking for people with talents in digital content creation/editing.


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