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The children in this video are the children of a Syrian refugee woman named 'Aliyah'. We met her on her way. She and her children were picking up recyclables such as plastic stock, bottles and cans when the temperature was over 40 degrees.

The picture below shows the house and lifestyle where 'Aliya' lives.

'Aliyah' earns a living by collecting and selling her recyclables on her own without her husband, raising six children.

Children were born as human beings and were living in extreme poverty without being able to enjoy basic rights.

Her husband abandoned his wife (Aliyah) and her children and returned to Syria, where she has not been contacted for years and is said to have lived or died.

As a result, Aliya was unable to send her children to school because of her financial hardship, and her children were wasting a golden period on the scorching roadside working with her mother.

We decided to visit this home on a regular basis to provide fresh vegetables and breads.




The picture below was taken in Aliya's kitchen, which he said is food for the Aliya family. Due to the difficult circumstances, they collect the bread thrown away at the restaurant, dry it, and then soak it in water to eat.



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